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Rise Fitness sensory kit, showing various sensory friendly items next to a drawstring bag.

Rise Fitness Sensory Kit

We recently put together a sensory kit to have handy during athlete assessments and classes. You really can’t go wrong with having something like this handy as you never know when you might need it. After sharing this online, we received a question if they were for sale. Since we do not have a large amount of these to put together and be ready to ship, we at least wanted to put together a few descriptions of the items and where you can purchase them so you can build your own.

  1. Child/Youth Headphones: $22.99 – These are available via Amazon and come in a variety of color options.
  2. Sensory/Fidget Set: $19.95 – This kit comes packed with 35 different items. There were a few items that we opted not to include for a variety of reasons. Some could be easily broken or lost. The most important thing when it comes to building a sensory kit is to consider the people you are building it for. Pack the kit with items you feel that they can enjoy the most, but also items they can enjoy safely.
  3. Sensory Wand: $23.50 – We love these for several reasons. First, they are fun. Second, they are all custom/handmade. Finally, and probably most important, when you purchase a Sensory Wand, you are helping support a small business owner with Down syndrome.
  4. Adult Noise Cancelling Headphones: $15.74 – You might encounter a scenario where you need headphones for a child and one for an adult. It is always a great idea to avoid forcing an adult to wear something designed for a child, so having both sizes of headphones available is ideal.
  5. Drawstring Bag: $25.00 – Naturally we are biased here, but we prefer the drawstring bags with Rise Fitness on them! The sensory kit bag was a custom design, however, we have similar ones available online. The drawstring bags make the items easy to carry as well as store since you can hang them up just about anywhere.