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Can my child participate? 

Yes!  Rise Fitness is an inclusive fitness program that is individualized for each athlete.  We work hard to develop programming focusing on functional movements that will transfer to activities of daily living for our athletes.  We want to build confidence and self-esteem with movement. Our philosophy is if you are moving purposefully and improving, you are an athlete.  Our goal is to also make fitness fun and enjoyable! 

Do you offer one-on-one training? 

We work to accommodate all athletes.  With collaboration between the coaches and parents, if it appears that one-on-one training vs group training would be of benefit to the athlete, we will accommodate the athlete’s needs.   However, we have found that our athletes enjoy being in a group setting for the social aspect, but we understand that may not be the best option for every athlete. 

When and where are classes? 

Presently, classes are on Saturday afternoons. Rise Blue is 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. and Rise Green is 2:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.  There are multiple sessions offered throughout the year that typically run for 5 to 6 weeks.  We also try to follow the JCPS schedule. 

Classes are held at Results by Design Fitness, 1920 Stanley Gault Parkway, Suite 103, Louisville, Kentucky, 40223.

How do I sign up? 

Once you decide Rise Fitness may be a good fit for your athlete, we will conduct a 45-minute individual athlete assessment to best determine which class your athlete will excel in.  After the assessment, you will be able to sign up online or by check.  If your athlete is nervous or anxious, we do encourage them to come and watch a class if they would like before registering.  We want our athletes to feel comfortable in a new setting and will do what we need to make that happen!

What is involved with the athlete assessment? 

The athlete assessment is free and is an opportunity for our coaches and athletes to meet in a private session.  Prior to the assessment, we will ask you to submit an athlete history background form.   During the assessment, we will go through the movements/exercises (Don’t worry, we will demonstrate everything first.) that your athlete will perform in class. This allows us to assess movement patterns so we can individualize the program. It typically takes 45 minutes to complete, and parents are encouraged to stay and watch.

Are the athlete assessments required?

Yes. We prefer to complete and athlete assessment prior to any athlete joining any Rise Fitness class. This allows the coaches to better tailor the programming for every athlete and ensures that the athlete is placed within the proper group.

Are there any athlete scholarships available? 

We have limited availability for athlete scholarships at the moment. If you would like to apply, please submit your information using our application.

Are there any coaching opportunities available? 

If you are interested in becoming a Rise Fitness coach, please contact us to get the process started!  As our program grows, we are always looking for compassionate, fitness-oriented individuals to grow with us! We will setup a time to discuss coaching goals, certification and training requirements, and everything involved in becoming an official part of the team.

Do you need volunteers? 

Rise Fitness would not be Rise Fitness without our volunteers!  If you feel led to serve with strong, fun, and inspiring athletes, we would love to have you!  We also welcome high school students needing volunteer hours.  Our volunteers can serve weekly or just when they can.  Rise Fitness is thankful for any help a volunteer can offer to our program.  Contact us to get started.

I would like to support what you are doing.  What are the ways I could help or support? 

Volunteering your time is a great way to offer support for Rise Fitness.  

If you feel led to offer support financially, you may donate here. Rise Fitness is an initiative under Ability Ministry, which is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. 

We also have an Amazon Wish list link if you would prefer to purchase equipment that would benefit our athletes.  100% of your donation will go directly to Rise Fitness. 

Is there a meaning behind Rise? 

When the vision began for Rise, the coaches knew they had to have a name that represented the athletes.  Rise was more than just a name, but a deeper meaning that represented the heart of the athletes involved.

              R – Resilient

              I – Infinite

             S – Strong

             E – Exceptional

We truly believe all our athletes are resilient, infinite with no boundaries, strong, and exceptional! Our program values every athlete, and our mission is to provide a setting that brings fitness and healthy habits into their lives that is fun, and builds their self-confidence while making them healthier!